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Take the guesswork out of running your gin
With the Kelley Electric GinManager system which is adaptable to all of the latest and greatest technologies.
Custom built to meet your needs
With our varied experience, Kelley Electric has solutions to your control panel or testing equipment needs.
Maintenance or new build industrial and commercial projects
the solutions you need, when you need them.
Looking for a steady flow of cotton and simple integration?
Look no further than Kelley Electric’s individually customized GinManager system.

Experience Kelley Electric

Kelley Electric has more than 65 years of electrical contracting experience serving industrial, commercial, cotton gin, motor testing equipment and control panel businesses.

Our capabilities include the maintenance and installation of process and production control systems, facility power distribution, and custom control panel design and manufacture.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Kelley Electric manufactures custom control panels, process automation systems and testing equipment for major electric motor manufacturers around the world as well as cotton gins close to home. Kelley crews have installed mass notification systems internationally and provide industrial and commercial electrical contracting services for manufacturers in the food and beverage industries and other major process industries.

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Consider Kelley Electric for Your Electrical Contracting Needs

Our experience includes a broad range of applications, leading to a thorough knowledge and understanding of the performance standards expected by architectural and engineering firms in their need to meet commercial, industrial, institutional and government codes and standards - efficiently and cost effectively.

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